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Colm Scanlon is a full-time Software Engineer living and working in Ireland. He first became involved with Pranic Healing in 2007 in Ireland and soon began traveling around the world to further his studies into Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

Colm was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and a allergies from a young age. A family member suggested going for Pranic Healing in an effort to help relieve these ailments. Considering his background and career in Computer Science, he was at first skeptical about the idea of energy healing but was willing to give it a chance. The dramatic and effective results he received from Pranic Healing sparked his curiosity to learn more.
As Colm saw his life transform through using the teachings of Pranic Healing, he began to develop a passion for helping others discover and experience it for themselves. Through running his own private Healing Clinic and by lecturing around the country in various Pranic Healing Workshops and Meditation Evenings, he built an accomplished reputation. Colm is now a Senior Pranic Healer and an Instructor of Pranic Healing in Ireland.

Colm is a dynamic and engaging Instructor and his approach to teaching is practical, methodical and clear. This teaching style enables his students to easily understand the concepts and techniques of Pranic Healing and equips them with the skills necessary to utilise the teachings in their lives effectively. He is an established and highly proficient healer, having helped countless people improve their health physically, emotionally and mentally.
As Colm has experienced the fantastic results in his own life, he is dedicated to spreading MCKS Pranic Healing to as many people as possible in order to empower them to transform their lives however they wish.

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